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Rabobank F20 Summit

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Over 600 farmers and agribusiness participants from around the world gathered for the
Rabobank F(Food)20 Summit in Sydney, Australia, on 13 November 2014. The key objective of the summit was to discuss the challenge of feeding the world more sustainably by the year 2050.

Recognising that sustainable agriculture is a key foundation for the economic growth and development of all people, the program featured a range of international keynote speakers from government and industry, inspiring rural entrepreneurs, insights from the Global Farmers Master Classes and the latest information on the future of farming. Key themes included Succession, Sustainability, Science, Supply Chain, Social Media (Virtual Farm), Social Enabling, Silicon Farming (Big Data), Successful farm practices and Solutions.

The F20 Memorandum contains a summary of key issues relating to global food security, and outcomes identified by the Food and Agribusiness sector at F20 Summit. To view the full report please click here.

What role is Rabobank playing?

As the world’s leading specialist agribusiness bank, Rabobank has an important role to play in feeding the world more sustainably by engaging with its clients and supporting their economic success and the vitality of the communities in which they operate.

Rabobank’s Banking4Food strategy has proposed four critical dimensions of food security, and is drawing the agribusiness community together to propose solutions to world leaders.

These dimensions are:

  • Availability: increasing food production in a sustainable manner
  • Improving access to food: no cash, no crops
  • Balanced nutrition that matches our bodies’ needs
  • Strengthening stability in markets and production chains
Given its cooperative heritage – the bank was founded by farmers more than 110 years ago who united to support and finance each others businesses, Rabobank has the ability to utilize its global network to bring together the key players in the industry and facilitate a strong, united voice on behalf of its clients – the food producers.